Holiday Season in Grand-Bates

We asked and you provided!  Here are some of the Grand-Bates residents’ fondest holiday memories and funniest stories along with photos of Grand-Bates outdoor holiday decorations:

“When I was around 9 years old, I had started questioning the reality of Santa.  My father was a wood worker and went out to the shop with my older brothers and rang the house phone, which I answered.  With my brothers in the background running the saws and banging hammers, Dad pretended to be Santa and asked me what I wanted for Christmas.  I couldn’t believe Santa called me!  It kept me believing, at least for another year. ”  Ryan B., S. Grand Blvd

“I remember getting a ten speed bike on a snowy Christmas Eve and trying to ride the bike in the snow… not the best idea as it isn’t easy…  gave up quickly.”  Bill F., Louisiana Ave.

“Counting the Christmas money as kids!  Every day through the year, my thrifty father would put one dollar plus whatever change he had in his pockets into a huge coffee can (with the lid duct-taped on to avoid early withdrawals).  On the Friday after Thanksgiving we’d put up the tree and lights, and he’d bring up the can.  As a family we’d all count the money, and that would be what we used to buy each other gifts that year.  He would usually sneak an extra hundred in there, and my parents have a truly ridiculous photo of a nine-year-old me with a hundred dollar bill balanced on my head.”  Andrew W., Bellerive Blvd.

“I’m okay with Santa giving me a lump of coal for Christmas because 1) I can use it in the fireplace, 2) I can add it to my rock collection, and 3) I can break it to see if there’s a diamond in it.”  Lawson B., 9 years old, S. Grand Blvd.

“When I was little, my older sister got a Cabbage Patch doll from Santa but I didn’t.  I was so sad about it that about a week after Christmas, my parents called me to the Christmas tree as they were taking it down and said that they had found a Cabbage Patch doll stuck in the tree!  They said that it must have fallen out of Santa’s bag and that he had wanted me to have one all along.”  Christa I., Bellerive Blvd.

“I have fond memories of visiting downtown to see the holiday displays in the windows of Kaufmann’s Department Store.  Both sides of my family are from Pittsburgh.  When family gathered, we would drive downtown to see the window displays.”  Heather S., Bellerive Blvd.

Thanks to everyone who participated!  Happy holidays!